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Multimedia Touring Exhibition

by Bob Gruen

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BOWIE by MICK ROCK is an extraordinary multimedia exhibition that showcases a captivating fusion of photography, music, videos, films, and documentaries, spanning across an immense exhibition hall measuring 3,000m2.

This immersive experience revolves around the genesis of Ziggy Stardust and David Bowie's transformative reinventions throughout his illustrious career.


Mick Rock, not only an acclaimed photographer capturing Bowie from his early beginnings, but also a creative collaborator instrumental in shaping the iconic image of the star who would forever change the course of music history.


The exhibition made its global debut at the Taschen Gallery in Los Angeles, California, in October 2015, accompanied by the release of the book "The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust."  The book quickly sold out within days, solidifying both the exhibition and the publication as historic milestones.

Saddly, only months later, David Bowie left this world, leaving behind a profound impact on his millions of devoted followers. Mick Rock's work became a cherished sanctuary, traveling across the globe, providing a captivating tribute to one of the greatest creative minds ever known on planet Earth.

Mick Rock at the entrance of Foto Museo Cuatro Caminos | CDMX | Bowie by Mick Rock Exhibition | Febreuary 2018

Mick Rock on David Bowie

Brooklyn Museum, New York, 2017​

Directed by Dave Horowitz

A master of capturing the aura of an artist, Mick Rock is a living legend who chronicled the golden age of rock & roll. In this short film, he recounts his iconic work for Iggy Pop, Lou Reed and others - leading up to a presentation at the Brooklyn Museum, where he goes in-depth about his classic music videos for David Bowie.

Foto Museo 4 Caminos

Mexico City. March, 2018

Promotional video by the sponsors Johnnie Walker & Total Play

Centro de Exposiciones La Rural

Buenos Aires City. May, 2019