Me, New York City

and the Punk Scene 


Selected Photographs

The Music Photo Gallery Presents "Me, New York City and the Punk Scene" - Photographs by Chris Stein / Digital Exhibition + Gallery Show in Buenos Aires. The show introduces a selection of Chris rarely seen prints chronicling the music scene from the early 1970s at the same time it reveals New York City in "the beginning".


Starting with an image of Debbie Harry looking to the camera like a super model to the early days at CBGB where Chris used to play as a member of the band Blondie and shared the stage with The Ramones, The New York Dolls, Suicide, DEVO, Television and Lou Reed among other. Mr. Stein has captured memorable photographs of rock and roll’s icons and iconoclasts. 

The selected works for the show ventures beyond the New York rock and punk scene with an extensive look at Chris photographs of seminal bands and representatives of the first wave.

There are portraits and candid shots of Richard Hell, Andy Warhol, David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Joan Jett and The Ramones. 

Chris Stein is the co-founder, songwriter, and guitarist of the iconic punk band Blondie. His photographic work has been featured in galleries and press around the world, and published in the successful book Negative: Me, Blondie, and the Advent of Punk, published by Rizzoli. Beyond his era-defining music with Blondie, he has collaborated with a host of artists over the years, from Shepard Fairey to Glenn O'Brien and Andy Warhol.

Chris started taking photographs in 1968. During his last years at the School Of Visual Arts in NYC he began hanging around the early downtown rock scene and taking rock portraits. In 1973 he met and began working with Debbie Harry and together they founded the band Blondie. Chris was always taking pictures of the milieu that surrounded Blondie and was lucky to be on the inside and able to mingle with many pioneers of the new wave and punk music scenes. His photos of Debbie have helped establish her as an international icon.

Richard Hell with the pool

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One of the first time seeing oversized street posters in Paris during a 1978 Blondie tour… something new to us at the time.

Chris Stein