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Multimedia Touring Exhibition 2024 / 2025

New York - Los Angeles - London - Sao Paulo - Buenos Aires - CDMX - Madrid - Berlin - Tokyo
Ramones - First Album Cover Photo Session
New York City, 1976

The Ramones 50th Anniversary Multimedia Exhibition and Conmemorative Events

Celebrate Punk's Iconic Legacy


Join us for the first and unique special multimedia exhibition celebrating the 50th anniversary of The Ramones, the trailblazing punk rock band that changed music history. Featuring the work of top photographers and artists, relive their journey through captivating images from CBGB's to London, Buenos Aires, and Berlin.


We embrace their enduring spirit and the cultural impact that still resonates today.


Ramones Museum of Berlin, Germany

Featuring more than 1,000 original items



It is with great pleasure that we introduce the visionary work of Arturo Vega, a Mexican-American graphic designer and visual artist whose indelible mark on the punk rock scene, particularly through his iconic association with The Ramones, continues to resonate even 50 years later.


Arturo Vega's creative journey was profoundly intertwined with the legendary punk band from its inception. As a close friend and trusted designer, he crafted the enduring visual identity of The Ramones, immortalized in the iconic militaristic lettering of their logo.


This emblem has not only become synonymous with the band but has come to symbolize the rebellious spirit and raw energy of the punk movement.


Beyond his contribution to The Ramones, Arturo Vega was a versatile and accomplished visual artist. His keen eye for design and dedication to the arts left an indelible impact on punk culture and graphic design.


As we commemorate the 50th anniversary of The Ramones, we invite you to explore Arturo Vega's multifaceted artistic legacy. This exhibition not only pays homage to a pivotal figure in punk history but also celebrates the enduring power of visual expression in music and culture.