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KISS | Bob Gruen / Vintage Photographs 

In the vibrant rock scene of the 80s, photographer Bob Gruen stood out as a visionary artist by capturing the electrifying essence of the iconic band Kiss. However, his renown was not limited solely to this band but extended to many others. His ability to immortalize fleeting moments, both on stage and behind the scenes, resulted in images that transcended simple musical portraits. Under Gruen's lens, Kiss transformed from just a band into an unforgettable visual experience. His work, which includes collaboration in creating the "Dress to Kill" album, not only solidified the band's distinctive aesthetic but also elevated concert photography to an art form that captured the raw energy and unique theatrics of Kiss at their peak in the 80s. Bob Gruen not only documented the history of Kiss but also contributed to visually defining it in an era marked by the extravagance and rebellion of rock 'n' roll.

Selected Artworks

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