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Michael Grecco is an award-winning photographer and director based in Los Angeles. He is internationally recognized for his high-concept imagery, mastery of lighting, and profound connections with his subjects. His extensive body of work spans fine art, celebrity portraiture, music, and commercial and editorial photography.

Originally from New York City, Grecco began his professional career in Boston, where he shot for the Associated Press and covered the music scene for the legendary FM radio station WBCN. Previously unseen photographs from his time as a music photographer are featured in his latest book, "Punk, Post Punk, New Wave: Onstage, Backstage, In Your Face, 1978–1991" (Abrams), along with the multimedia exhibition "Days of Punk," which premiered at Photo London in 2021.

In the late 1980s, Michael relocated to Los Angeles after being invited by People Magazine to become a celebrity photographer. Since then, he has continued to create compelling new work, with his images gracing publications like Time Magazine, Vanity Fair, Esquire, The Boston Globe, The Guardian, and Rolling Stone, among many others.

Apart from his professional endeavors, Michael is a proud father of three and resides in Santa Monica with his wife and two Russian Blue cats. During his leisure time, he can be spotted exploring the diverse neighborhoods and subcultures of his adopted hometown on his Triumph Bonneville motorcycle, always ready to capture and inspire with his favorite camera in hand.

Michael Grecco is represented by The Music Photo Gallery.


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