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Billy Idol, 1978

© Sheila Rock



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Billy Idol, 1978

  • Sheila Rock captured iconic moments of the British band The Clash through her lens. Her photographs convey the energy and defiant attitude of the punk group, immortalizing their cultural impact and legacy in music history. Sheila Rock's work with The Clash provides a glimpse into the intensity and rebellion of one of the most influential bands of all time.

    Shelia recalls, "I met them at their ICA gig in 1976 and went to Chalk Farm to photograph them soon afterwards. They look cool and lean and hungry. They had iconic status even then." 

  • Size: 11x14 inch (27x35 cm) / Open Edition

    Size: 16x20 inch (40x50 cm) / Edition of 30

    Size: 20x24 inch (50x60 cm) / Edition of 30

    Size: 30x40 inch (75x100 cm) / Edition of 15

    Size: 40x60 inch (1x1,5 m) / Edition of 5


    Printing Method: Archival Pigment

    Paper: Premium Cotton - Fine Art Photography


    Note: All print sizes are approximate and are based on standard image sizes