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Rolling Stones at Danceteria, NYC, June, 1980. | © Allan Tannenbaum, 1980

Edition: Limited Edition

Details: Archival Pigment Print on Premium Cotton Photo Paper

Signed and handwritten caption by Allan Tannenbaum

Certificate of Authenticity issued by TMPG and the artist


This photograph is an original reproduction made from the original negative by the photographer himself.


"I was in the Soho News office on an overcast Spring day in 1975 when I received a phone call that the Rolling Stones were giving a press conference at the Fifth Avenue Hotel. Grabbing my cameras, I hightailed it there and waited at the bar with the other reporters. Shortly, a publicist ordered everybody outside, where, lo and behold, the Stones appeared playing Brown Sugar on a moving flatbed truck. My mind was blown but I worked quickly to get as many shots as possible before they vanished down the street." - Allan Tannenbaum

Rolling Stones at Danceteria, NYC, June, 1980

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