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Multimedia Touring Exhibition

by Bob Gruen

The most impressive exhibition about the history of Punk Rock ever.

From the front door to the backstage of this iconic place Roberta was everywhere, in the right moment and with her camera on her hands to capture the soul, the unique and unrepeatable moment when the punk rock began.

The exhibition is conformed by 60 big scale photographs plus a special selection of 60 vintage prints and unique polaroids from the 70's and early 80's.

The Ramones, Sex-Pistols, Blondie, Richard Hell, Joe Strummer, New York Dolls, Television, Elvis Costello and Joe Strummer among many others, all were captured by Roberta leaving a record, an authentic look of an unrepeatable era, a unique moment in the history of our modern culture.

The show also has an installation (the CBGB's entrance replica), video screenings on the whole room, music and original memorabilia from those years. 


Roberta Bayley | Promotional Video Campaign

New York City, 2018

Feature Artworks