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Mick Rock first photographed Queen on 18 November 1973, at their breakthrough gig at Imperial College, London. Rock was already establishing a reputation as the inimitable glam rock photographer, for his iconic work with David Bowie, Iggy Pop and Lou Reed - and the band, who had come together two years previously, were largely unknown. This breakthrough gig opened a lot of people's eyes, and ears, to the fact that the extraordinary-looking foursome were something special. They were visually stunning and in Freddie Mercury they possessed the most animated front man since Mick Jagger. They also sounded like nothing and no one else. Music writers could usually find some label to stick on a band to describe their sound but with Queen it was different. More than glam and more than rock, Queen were simply Queen.

Multimedia Touring Exhibition

by Bob Gruen

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Mick's collaboration with Freddie, Brian, Roger and John lasted until the end of 1975. During this time he created the iconic album covers for Queen and Sheer Heart Attack. He shot several group studio sessions, conducted solo shoots with Freddie and Roger both at home and in the studio, as well as photographing behind the scenes at parties, live performances and recording studios.
This exhibition brings together a selection of Mick Rock's photographs of the band taken in the beginning of their history.

I remember Freddie telling me, “The most important thing is to live a fabulous life. As long it´s fabulous, I don´t care how long it is.”

Freddie Mercury was one of my favorite human beings, a gem of a man.”


Mick Rock, 1995

I won´t be a rockstar.

I will be a legend.


Freddie Mercury

The official exhibition "Queen -

The Bohemian Rhapsody Years" is conformed of:

  • 100 Big-scale Photographs Original music videos.

  • 2 hours of music in the entire room Letters

  • and Handwritten postcards

  • 1 Official Catalog.

  • 1 Book titled “Classic Queen”

  • Official Merchandising for sale Original memorabilia.


Events and activities with the photographer:

  • Official exhibition’s opening

  • Press Conference

  • Workshops

  • Teleconferences and Open Talks open

  • Exhibition private tour with Mick Rock

  • among other activities. 

During a month prior to the opening, the photographer will give interviews to the local media and to promote the show on his personal page and social networks. 


The official Queen Exhibition  “The Bohemian Rhapsody Years by Mick Rock” was presented in Mexico City in March 2019. Then traveled to the city of Córdoba in the Argentina and finally was shown in the City of Buenos Aires in the month of July of the same year.


  • Mexico City: 15,000 visitors

  • City of Córdoba: 32,000 visitors

  • City of Buenos Aires: 20,000 visitors

  • City of Mar del Plata: 15,000 visitors

Foto Museo Cuatro Caminos

Mexico City

February - 2019



Promotional video by the sponsor Johnnie Walker & Total Play


Rolling Stone - Magazine cover | Mexico | March 2019

Selected Press | Mexico City


La exhibición “Queen, el origen de una leyenda” abre sus puertas en México

Video recorrido por la muestra con CNN en Español


“Queen: El origen de una leyenda”, muestra fotografías de la banda nunca antes vistas

(CNN Español) – La Ciudad de México vibra, canta y grita con la exposición fotográfica nunca antes vista de la banda icónica de la música inglesa


Mick Rock presenta en México “Queen: El origen de una leyenda”

Tras el éxito que tuvo el año pasado con “Starman: universo de David Bowie”, el fotógrafo inglés Mick Rock regresa a México para presentar “Queen: El origen de una leyenda”

El trabajo de Mick Rock vuelve a México con "Queen: el origen de una leyenda"

Más de 120 imágenes del fotógrafo británico Mick Rock, 14 de ellas inéditas, integran la exposición "Queen: el origen de una leyenda"

Mick Rock regresa a México con Queen, el origen de una leyenda

El fotógrafo Mick Rock encuentra un rollo perdido con imágenes inéditas que se presentarán en la exposición sobre el grupo inglés a partir del  15 de marzo en el Foto Museo Cuatro Caminos

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Queen regresa a México gracias a Mick Rock 

Maxim Magazine | México

Televisa | Interview with Paola Rojas

Mick Rock at his Queen Exhibition in Mexico City

Centro de Arte Contemporáneo | CAC

Córdoba City Argentina

March - 2019

Centro Cultural Borges | CCB

Buenos Aires City

July - 2019

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Selected Press | Argentina


Queen, los años de Rapsodia Bohemia: un capítulo esencial de la historia del rock según las fotos de un especialista.

"Los años de Rapsodia Bohemia", la muestra de Mick Rock sobre Queen llega a Buenos Aires.


"Los años de Rapsodia Bohemia", la muestra de Mick Rock sobre Queen llega a Buenos Aires


Inauguran una muestra con icónicas fotos de Queen tomadas por el prestigioso Mick Rock.