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Hartman is known for her celebrity portraiture. Her photograph of Bianca Jagger riding a white horse at the Studio 54 nightclub at her 30th birthday party is widely known as her most recognizable photo.Lloyd Grove, writing in The Daily Beast, describes it in 2016 as "the iconic image of a long-lost age.” Another well-known photograph portrays Jerry Hall in conversation with Andy Warhol. Her photographs have been published in newspapers and magazines, including AllureArt+AuctionElleHarper's BazaarPanoramaThe New York TimesNew YorkSternVanity Fair and Vogue.

In addition to documenting celebrities, the jet set, actors, singers, and authors, Hartman was the first to move behind the curtains of Fashion Week catwalks to shoot models and designers backstage as shown in her first book "Birds of Paradise: An Intimate View of the New York Fashion World." In 2011–12, a retrospective of her work including more than 60 photographs was held at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Her archival images have also been exhibited at the Ravestijn Gallery in Amsterdam, The Netherlands (2012) and in Punta del Este, Uruguay (2013), as well as at American museums including the Experience Music Project, The Whitney Museum and Museum of the City of New York; a selection of her photographs is also on permanent display at Omar’s, a private dining members club in Greenwich Village.

In 2016, a feature-length documentary film, The Incomparable Rose Hartman, was made about her life and work by Otis Mass. The documentary earned a jury award of special mention at the DOC NYC 2016 Film Festival.


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Just the name - Studio 54! - conjures images of disco lights, sequined miniskirts, drugs, Donald Trump rubbing elbows with Andy Warhol, and plenty of other debauchery packed into the 33 months, from April 1977 to February 1980, that the New York City nightclub was open.

For those of us who missed out on those heady years, the Brooklyn Museum has announced the forthcoming show “Studio 54: Night Magic,” the first exhibition to showcase the nightclub as a hallmark of the rapidly changing cultural life of New York City.


BBC News | Rose Hartman

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