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Episode #1


There is not going to be another John Lennon or David Bowie, another Freddie Mercury or Bob Dylan, bands like Led Zeppelin, Ramones or The Rolling Stones, sadly there will be nothing even close for years to come. But if it were so, in any case there would be no other photographer like these great masters of photography who invented the category "music photography" by documenting a time as unique and unrepeatable as the 70s and 80s in London and New York.

Photographic art as it was at that time didn't die but like all art in this life it was transformed into something else, very different.

In the first talk with Bob Gruen he talks about photography, the market for vintage collector's pieces, the details of the process of taking and developing analog artisanal and the trajectory of a photographer and the steps to position itself within the international fine art market .

It is an honor and enormous responsibility for TMPG to represent the vintage archive of a very select group of artists who, like Bob, had the premonition back then to develop and save each gelatin silver print, knowing deep down that these artworks would be so important 50 years later.

A photo can have millions of reproductions in different formats (album cover, poster, analog or digital printing in open or limited editions, etc. etc.) but it is impossible to make another vintage print. That is why, although there is an incalculable number of photos of Lennon with the New York City shirt, there are currently only two pieces available from the year 1976. The same with the cover of the Los Ramones album. Having been one of the most famous photographs in rock history, having marked an era with the birth of New York punk, there is only one original copy from 1976.

TMPG focuses all its work on this unique type of material and present it i

Sebastian Alderete
TMPG Director

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What is Photography?

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