Multimedia Touring Exhibition

by Bob Gruen

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The Music Photo Gallery is pleased to present the Official Multimedia Touring Exhibition “John Lennon, The New York Years” by Bob Gruen, the icon of Rock and Roll photography of all the times.​ Gruen’s work explores the life of John Lennon and Yoko Ono during the 70s and provides an intimate look at New York City at the beginning of the movement that would mark an entire generation and change the world for the upcoming generations.

The exhibition shows the most relevant of the relationship between John and Yoko, his role as a father, as an ex-beatle and a rock-star at the moment of maximum fame; the excesses, his band, the concerts, the parties and also his moments of intimacy and rest. It is a deep look of John Lennon as a person beyond his internationally known image. A “behind the scenes” that only his personal friend could have achieved.


​The aim of the exhibition is to bring the message of “Peace and Love” to the whole world, as far as possible, sharing it with current and future generations.

A Record Exhibition in South América

New York rock photographer Bob Gruen’s show “The John Lennon Exhibition” brought in a whopping 400,000 visitors over a three-week run in Buenos Aires at the Recoleta Cultural Center. The show, which wrapped up yesterday, coincided with a Spanish-language edition of Gruen’s book, “John Lennon: The New York Years” — which has already been published in English, Japanese, German and French. Gruen flew to Argentina for the show’s opening festivities,

and even handled DJ duties at an after-party. The shutterbug, who’s also shot Bob Dylan, the Rolling Stones and Joe Strummer, had served as Lennon’s personal photographer during the former Beatle’s New York years, including taking the iconic photos of Lennon

in an NYC T-shirt plus the first-ever babypictures of son Sean Lennon.

Official Statement from the government press office

of the city of Buenos Aires.


"Around 500 thousand people visited the John Lennon Exhibition" 
Was exhibited from June 19th to July 7th and it was the most visited show of the Centro Cultural Recoleta in its whole history. A photo coverage shows the images of an record exhibition. July 11th, 2013

"John Lennon The New York Years" exhibition by Bob Gruen

was touring around South America and Europe for the last seven years 

having been presented in more than twenty cities up to date.

The official exhibition

of John Lennon

and Yoko Ono

"The New York Years"

is conformed of:

120 Big-scale Photographs

35 Original videos

2 hours of music in the whole room Letters

and Handwritten Postcards

1 Original 90-minutes film entitleD "John Lennon NYC"

1 Bob Gruen documentary (90-minutes)

1 Replica at real size of the Imagine Circle

1 Timeline of 7m length

1 Official Catalog for each Edition

2 books "Lennon NYC" and "See, Hear Yoko"

Official Merchandising


Events and activities with the photographer: Official exhibition's opening, Press Conference, Workshops, Teleconferences and Talks open to the public, exhibition private tour with Bob Gruen, among other actions.

During a month prior to the opening, the photographer will give interviews to the local media and will promote the show on his personal page and social networks.

Two hours of music

and music - videos

will be played

at the gallery

MIS | Sao Paulo Museum 
Central Park Installation
March-2020 | SP, Brazil
John Lennon Live Concert
Madison Square Gardens. New York City, 1974

"Walls and Bridges" Album Cover | Installation


Director: Michael Epstein
Writer: Michael Epstein
Stars: John Lennon, Yoko Ono, Elton John

A look at the period of time musician John Lennon and his family spent living in New York City during the 1970s.
LENNONYC is a 2010 documentary film written and directed by Michael Epstein about the life of John Lennon in New York City, after the breakup of the Beatles. The film premiered at the New York Film Festival and was shown at a free public screening in Central Park on October 9, which would have been Lennon's 70th birthday. It first aired on the PBS series American Masters on November.

Interviewed in film are Yoko Ono, members of the Elephant's Memory band that played with Lennon and Ono in New York, Elton John, Dick Cavett, photographer Bob Gruen and Geraldo Rivera, who talks about a news report of his that inspired Lennon and Ono to stage the One to One benefit concert in 1972. However, the film also follows Lennon out of New York to Los Angeles during his co-called "lost weekend" period, when he briefly split from Ono.

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US Postal Service honors John Lennon with new stamps

New York City. Sept - 2018

A new stamp honoring John Lennon was issued Friday at a Central Park ceremony featuring his widow Yoko Ono and their son Sean, honoring the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer in the city where the ex-Beatle settled during the 1970s.

New York City. Sept - 2018

"The most important

is to capture the moment"

Bob Gruen

"It´s happening again.

People are dreaming again."

John Lennon

"Bob´s magical photos and brilliantly telling captions together present a kaleidoscope of John Lennon´s New York period.

It´s beautiful, clear and truthfull. I Know. I was there"

Yoko Ono

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Original Postcards
Sent by John Lennon to Bob Gruen

Current Exhibition: Museum of Image and Sound 

Sao Paulo City - Brazil

From March-13th to June-07th / 2020